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Fascias & Soffits
Designed to give the appearance of natural, painted timber, UPVC offers a fully integrated fascia system incorporating profiles for the replacement of fascias, soffits and bargeboards, as well as decorative claddings and a comprehensive range of window boards and interior trims.

UPVC fascias and cladding profiles are available as standard in White with selected profiles available in Anthracite, Cream, Grey and Sahara Beige. A range of cladding, window board and trimming profiles is now available in Mahogany, Light Oak, Rosewood and Black wood grain effect finishes.

New Build
D Brown Roofing Services offers a comprehensive range of load bearing fascia boards in a choice of profiles including standard Square, Bullnose and decorative Ogee designs, all of which feature a groove for soffit location. Two decorative bargeboard systems provide increased design choice. The Decorative range of convex and concave bargeboards is produced from 16mm thick boards with the design created by an angled cut to the lower edge. They are fitted as per conventional bargeboards directly to the gable ladder, rafters or other support timber. Two designs are available ex-stock,
but bespoke designs can be manufactured subject to minimum quantity restrictions.

D Brown Roofing Services offers a range of 9mm cover boards in both traditional square and decorative ogee designs featuring a return bottom leg to receive lay-on soffits. Soffit boards can feature a unique design of raised back ribs allowing the board to stand-off the existing fascia.

Eaves Ventilation
To complement the UPVC range of fascia profiles, ventilated soffits are available with either a single or double row of air slots to provide ventilation equivalent to a 10mm or 25mm wide clear air gap. TeeGee and Open V Polo profiles are interlocking cladding profiles with one row of slots equivalent to a 10mm wide air gap providing scope for creating deep soffit designs.

Cladding System
D Brown Roofing Services offer a comprehensive range of Cladding profiles in a choice of four styles (Shiplap, Open V, Tee Gee or Feather Edge) in 100, 125 or 150mm cover widths for horizontal, vertical and diagonal/herringbone installation.

PVC Cladding
Wood as a cladding material is now old-fashioned, full stop. Particularly as today’s technology provides us with a superior material that is absolutely ideal, either as a clad over, or as a complete strip and replace. This applies to just about all properties in the UK, and the reasons for this are:

• It is relatively inexpensive.
• It looks good.
• You will never need to paint it.
• It will never rot.

In the UK, cladding of the domestic property fulfils two purposes, namely functional and decorative.

The very nature of the many and varied designs of properties built of the last century dictates that Fascia boards (the guttering fits onto it), and Soffits (the flat board that you see below the fascia board), are a necessity as part and parcel of the design structure. I.E. they need to be there.

Most people agree that in the right place ‘Shiplap’ looks very nice. Shiplap, and also it’s near neighbour TGV (Tongued – Grooved – Vee’d), often in the trade called ‘matchboard’, is used as a decorative cladding, although now in new build they are both used more sparingly than a few decades ago.

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